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gabthumbThe Maricopa Police Department urges you to put safety first when celebrating this Fourth of July.

Section 10-1-6 of the Maricopa City states: It is unlawful for any reason within the limits of the City to blast or use powder, fireworks or other explosives without a written permit from the City or the Fire Chief, and then only upon the terms and conditions set forth therein.

What does this mean?

  • Sparklers and Poppers are the only legal fireworks that can be used in the City. It should be noted sparklers burn at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which could cause serious burns and injuries if used improperly.
  • You may see tents selling firework in the City and around the valley, the sale of fireworks is legal in Arizona, however you should check with your location Police or Sheriff’s office on city codes or town ordinances.
  • Also, if caught using fireworks in violation of city code, you could be found guilty of a class one misdemeanor and face a fine.  


20140109 ChiefStahlJune's Coffee with the Chief event will be held at the City Council Chambers on June 13th. Coffee with the Chief will begin at 8am, and Chief Stahl will discuss items that are pertinent to the city of Maricopa and the law enforcement efforts of MPD.  June's Coffee with the Chief will cover the upcoming candidate testing for Police Officer position as well as how the Maricopa Police Department is meeting the recommendations of the final report from the President'sTask Force on 21st Century Policing.

garagedoorMany residents think that leaving the garage door open a few inches during the summer months alleviates some of the extreme temperatures inside. This is not only false but it actually allows for additional heat to enter and creates an opportunity for burglars as well.

Every garage is finished with 2 wall vents to allow heat to escape. Please keep them clear, keep your garage door closed and your vehicles free of valuables and locked. If you find a neighbor’s garage door open, please notify them.


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Steve Stahl, Chief

ChiefStahl fcSteve Stahl has served as the Chief of Police for the City of Maricopa since October of 2011, first serving as Interim Chief. He accepted the Chief of Police position in February of 2012. Learn more...

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