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Chief Stahl is freed from City Hall

During the Nov. 19 Maricopa City Council meeting, Mayor Christian Price was pleased to announce the release of Police Chief Steve Stahl from City Hall. Chief Stahl had been under “City Hall detainment” since Oct. 29 when Sergeant Pepper and Goober presented alarming evidence to the City Council indicating that the he had violated his commitment to shop locally. For his crime, Mayor Price and members of the City Council placed Chief Stahl under City Hall detainment, agreeing he would be eligible for release on Nov. 19, with the help of Maricopa residents. Chief Stahl’s bail was set at $100,000 in local purchase receipts.

“Free Chief Stahl” flyers were posted at local businesses; homeowner associations urged residents to shop locally; and some communities even took up receipt collections. To tally local purchases, residents were given the option of uploading their receipts to the City website,, or dropping them off on Nov. 19 at any of the five participating collection centers: Ace Hardware, Bashas’, Fry’s, Walmart and City Hall. According to Bashas’ Store Manager Chuck Meegan, their store had to improvise and began collecting receipts long before the Nov. 19 drop off date because shoppers, excited to show their local support, would come in with handfuls of receipts and ask to drop them off. Province Active Adult Community residents collected more than $10,000 in local receipts. Ellen Buddington, Lifestyle Director for the Tortosa master planned community, collected more than $10,000 in receipts from Tortosa residents. Receipts piled in from various Maricopa merchants. The largest purchase receipt collected was received from Glenn Jones Auto Center and totaled more than $30,000.

On Friday, Nov. 15, City staff was shocked to see that residents had already submitted more than $200,000 in local receipts, smashing the $100,000 goal. On Tuesday, Chief Stahl spent his last day of City Hall detainment visiting the drop off locations and thanking volunteers and participants for their support. Mayor Price and members of the City Council were impressed with the overwhelming response from the community.


“Maricopa residents rallied together not only to free Chief Stahl but to support local businesses,” said Mayor Price. “Chief Stahl’s bail was set at $100,000 in local receipts and residents more than doubled their contributions to support their community.”

The release of Chief Stahl from City Hall was a great opportunity for residents to come together and show their support for Maricopa businesses. This event was part of the City’s Shop Local campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of the many benefits of shopping locally and encourages residents to think Maricopa first. When you shop local, you directly benefit your community by supporting Maricopa businesses, creating local job opportunities and funding City services and amenities that enhance quality of life throughout the city.

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