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Library News

Blind Date with a Book

Post Date:01/09/2020

Blind Date with a Book is back, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for mystery and romance (or science fiction, nonfiction, or fantasy) the Maricopa Public Library is where you may indulge yourself and take a chance on a book.

Blind Date with a Book wants to set you up with the book of your dreams, featuring sharp and witty profiles, better than anything you’ll find on Tinder.

Just stop by the library and check out the display of discreetly wrapped books and peruse the descriptive tags. You’re sure to find one that quickens your pulse.

Post a photo of your date to social media and tag maricopalibrary using the hashtag #BlindDateWithABook. You could win dinner and a movie.


Blind Date with a Book will commence from February 1 until February 15. 

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