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City of Maricopa Draft Subdivision Ordinance Update

Post Date:05/12/2020 3:34 PM

The City of Maricopa is accepting comments on the final draft of the city’s Subdivision Ordinance and applicable Zoning Code Sections. Over the past three years, the code update has been heavily vetted through several public outreach mechanisms, such as a city steering committee meetings, public forum review meetings, stakeholder outreach, and public web and newspaper notices. The city is now ready for the possible adoption of the code. The city will accept comments until the date of possible action for recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission to the Council on June 8, 2020, followed by possible approval and adoption by City Council on July 21, 2020.

The goal of the code update are the following.

• Streamlining process and ensure meet AZ state requirements for hearings
• Creating firm and directed guidelines for extensions and modifications to existing and future platted subdivisions  
• Inserting processing graphics, flowcharts and tables for better understanding of steps
• Correct Subdivision Ordinance to be inline with Zoning Ordinance and Design Manual (standards) 

A copy of P&Z Commission presentation that was presented at the May 11, 2020 meeting is also available to download for further information on the code update. 

P&Z Commission Presentation 

Copies of the updates of all chapters detailing the changes are available for public review at the Maricopa City Hall or can be downloaded below or you may request a copy by email at, or by telephone at 520-316-6986. 

Article 14-1 Definitions 
Article 14-2 Administration 
Article 14-3 Types of Subdivisions 
Article 14-4 Platting Procedures 
Article 14-5 Maser Plan Development and Planned Area Development  
Article 14-6 Design Standards 
Article 14-7 Improvement Requirements 
Zoning Code Article 207 Planned Area Development Districts
Zoning Code Article 510 Planned Area Development Procedure 

Comments can also be submitted here.

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