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The Communications Division coordinates all external communication between the City and its residents, as well as playing a key role in the City's goal to provide an open and accessible government.


Media Inquiries

As a rule of business, the Public Information Officer (PIO) is the Official Spokesperson for the City of Maricopa. With the exception of straightforward information questions (e.g., "what are City Hall hours of operation?"), inquiries about the city from all media representatives (including student reporters) are to be referred to the office of the PIO.

The City PIO is charged with responsibility for providing the information, opinions or policy interpretation or for referring the reporter to the city employee with the appropriate expertise, as well as the administrative responsibility and authority, to officially respond. Please email or call (520) 316-6911.

Please be advised of adverse driving conditions this summer

Post Date:07/22/2020 3:32 PM

An Arizona haboob can quickly reduce driving visibility to near zero.  If you are driving through a dust storm which obscures your vision, we strongly advise you to follow these safe driving tips:Hanoob 072220


  • Pull your vehicle off of the road, as far to the right as possible.
  • Put the vehicle in “park”, turn OFF your headlights, and take your foot off of the brake. 
  • Make sure that everyone remains seated in the vehicle with their seat belts fastened.
  • Wait for safe driving conditions to return.

By following these steps, you will reduce the chances that other drivers mistake your vehicle as the one to follow.

For more information on monsoon driving visit

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