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The Problem

Local governments and nonprofits have long shared common goals in their communities. While many functions are inherently governmental, others are better handled by community-based organizations (CBOs) that are able to specialize in economically serving constituents. Historically, many governments have simply given organizations funding to support their efforts. While this has some positive impact, it is often limited and lacks sufficient accountability. Still, most CBOs do not have the resources or capacity to effectively secure federal, state, or foundation grants on their own.

The Solution

The City of Maricopa is excited to offer you access to eCivis® Grants Network: CBO. Your nonprofit organization can have access to thousands of federal, state, and foundation grants that other nonprofits are unaware of. With billions of dollars every year designated specifically for nonprofits, your organization can bring in thousands of dollars to support your community.

GN: CBO allows you to show local leadership and enhance the quality of life for your community. With less time spent researching, your organization will have more time to secure and manage funding and help your community with the programs they need. In addition, grant collaboration between governments and their CBOs is increasingly common and many federal and state agencies are giving preference to such collaborations. With GN: CBO, everyone is on the same page. City departments and CBOs will be on same page and be able to collaborate on projects currently being pursued. Bottom line, GN: CBO produces tangible results. Whether it is $800,000 for a theater renovation, $946,000 for homeless support, or $40,000 for the arts, your organization can yield impressive returns.

The City of Maricopa has purchased 20 licenses. Nineteen of these licenses will be shared with non profit agencies currently located in and providing services in the City of Maricopa on a first come first serve basis. One license will be available for use at the Maricopa Public Library during their normal operating hours.

If you are interested in a license please contact the Grants Manager. An E-Civis User license agreement will need to be signed and adhered to.

Available Downloads

E-Civis User Agreement