Fiscal Agent/Sponsorship Requests

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Request for City Sponsorship to Act as Fiscal Agent for State Shared Revenue Applications

The passage of Proposition 202 by the voters of Arizona in November 2002 set the stage for new gaming compacts between the State and the respective tribes. An important provision of Proposition 202 was the sharing of gaming revenues with the State. A portion of the revenue to be shared can be retained by an Indian tribe and distributed itself. Proposition 202 allows an Indian tribe to make twelve percent (12%) of its total annual contribution in the following form: "Distributions to cities, towns, or counties for government services that benefit the general public, including public safety, mitigation of the impacts of gaming, or promotion of commerce and economic development."

The proposition sets aside 12% of tribal contributions for distribution to Arizona cities, towns, and counties for public safety, mitigation of the negative impacts of gaming, and promotion of commerce and economic development.

Non-profit entities may apply for State Shared Revenue Funds but require the sponsorship of a local government to act as the fiscal agent for distribution of these funds.

The City of Maricopa Grant Policy States:

  • Sponsorship of an agency's application for the City of Maricopa to act as the Fiscal Agent

    • Agency is a non-profit and /or proof of tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) 3 or similar provision.

    • All agencies wishing to have the City of Maricopa sponsor their grant application must submit their information to the Grants Manager no later than the required deadlines as set forth by the tribe for consideration.

    • The agency must provide an explanation how their proposal aligns with the City of Maricopa Strategic Plan Elements

      • a. Transportation Connectivity

      • b. Economic Sustainability

      • c. Quality of Life

      • d. Managing the Future

      • e. Public Safety

      • f. Sustainability Initiatives

    • There must be a direct benefit to the City of Maricopa community. A direct benefit would be citizens of Maricopa are either part of the project/program or will receive the benefit from the project.