Special Event Permits

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City of Maricopa Special Event Permit Requirements

The City of Maricopa Community Services department has developed this information guide to assist you in the planning process for festivals and events in our city. To access the Special Event Permit Guide, please click here. The application process is intended to provide City of Maricopa staff with an overview of your event.  The information provided is used to determine whether or not your request complies with City of Maricopa rules and guidelines, the impact on area residents, businesses and or park guests.  Several departments within the City work together to make this application process simple and complete.  However, there may still be instances where you need to contact other agencies and departments individually.  The following pages include the City of Maricopa’s Special Event Permit Application instructions to guide you through the permit process.

Time Frames for Special Event Permit Application Approval 

Pursuant to ARS 9-835, the City establishes overall permitting time frames during which the City will either grant or deny each type of permit that it issues. The time frame includes an administrative completeness review period to accept or reject the application, and a substantive review period to provide a technical review of the request. The City shall approve or deny the request within the overall time frame listed below, however, should the City extend the review period for additional submittal(s), said extension’s shall not exceed 25% of the overall time frame.  The below time frames begin from date of receipt of application. 

Please note:  These are projected time frames only and may change due to workload and staffing considerations.  Applications that requires Council Approval shall be submitted 90 days prior to event date.  All others 60 days recommended, or at minimum 30 days prior to event date. 

Application Type

Administrative Completeness Review

Substantive Review

Total Time Frame

Special Event Application

10 days

20 days

30 days

Petition for Block Party Permit

10 days

20 days

30 days

Events with Alcohol

10 days

80 days

90 days

 The City may request the applicant submit additional information or make corrections to the application to fulfill all requirements for approval. In this event, the substantive review time frame and the overall time frame are suspended from the date the request is issued until the date that the municipality receives the additional information from the applicant.

City Council approval will be needed for any events that are overnight or have alcohol.

A Special Event Application is required for any event

  • Open to the general public with more than 100 people, on City property, involving the use of, or having impact upon, City/public facilities, parks, sidewalks, and/or streets
  • Activities that require issuing one or more additional licenses or permits (fireworks, alcoholic beverages, food sales, parades, street closings, tents over 200 square feet, etc.) require a Special Event Permit.

Such activities include, but are not limited to, carnivals, fairs, festivals, craft fairs; ceremonies, and other events. Special Event Permits are processed through the Community Services Department and may require a meeting with the Special Events Committee.


  • Events held on Private property; please note inspection fees may still apply. Private property is considered non City owned property (schools, local businesses, neighborhood parks etc.).  A SPECIAL EVENT NOTIFICATION will be required for private events.

Both applications can be accessed here:

A Temporary Use Permit - is required for any short-term commercial or entertainment activity on private property, whether open to the public or not. Such activities include, but are not limited to, concerts and performances; tent sales; firework sales, Christmas tree sales, and other temporary uses set forth in Land Use and Development Code. Temporary Use Permits are processed through the Planning department and may require a meeting. There is a $200 application fee.

 Additional questions please contact our Community Services Department at (520) 316-6848 or