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The City of Maricopa strives to maintain the character and aesthetic quality of the community by working with property owners to ensure compliance with existing City regulations. The City of Maricopa Neighborhood Services Department is dedicated to protecting public health, safety and welfare, while ensuring every citizen the right to a clean, enjoyable neighborhood.

Most Common Violations

Home-Based Businesses

  • Unlawful to conduct any business which causes excessive traffic, noise, odor or other unsafe or undesirable conditions as a result of the business.


  • Unlawful to allow or permit excessive, unnecessary or offensive noise which disturbs the peace and quiet of the   adjoining property or neighborhood.
  • Unlawful to allow or permit noise which causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person.


  • Unlawful for any person to maintain or cause a nuisance or fail to perform any act required to remove or stop a nuisance. This includes failure to comply with a court order or abatement.
  • For barking dogs, please contact Animal Control at (520) 866-5111

“Green” Pools

  • Unlawful to allow or fail to maintain residential pools where water becomes stagnant or is considered a health or environmental safety risk.
  • Report green swimming pools to Pinal County Environmental Health at (866) 287-0209.

Signs (Illegal or Unsafe)

  • Unlawful to attach any sign to a utility pole or structure, streetlight, traffic signal, tree, fence, fire hydrant, park bench or other location on public property.
  • Unlawful to place signs within the right-of-way, median, or sight visibility triangle.
Zoning Code 409.05 Prohibited Signs

 Signs (Temporary Yard /Garage Sale)

  • Unlawful to conduct more than four (4) garage sales per year.
  • Signs are limited to residential districts only and cannot exceed four (4) square feet in area.
  • Signs may be displayed no longer than 72 hours (3 days) and must be removed at the conclusion of the event/sale.
Zoning Code 409.12 J. Yard, Carport, or Garage Sale Signs


  • Unlawful to place or cause to be placed any refuse upon public or private property within the city limits except  as permitted.
  • Owner or person in control of any private property must maintain premises free of litter, weeds, filth or debris at all times.
  • Unlawful for a person to deposit any refuse in any non-public container that he or she does not own or is not otherwise entitled to use.

Vehicles (Abandoned)

  • Exposed storage of any abandoned vehicle or abandoned vehicle parts on any private property within the city limits for a period of 15 days or more is considered a nuisance and dangerous to public safety and is prohibited.
  • Abandoned vehicle is any vehicle:
  1. Without current license plates or tags
  2. Inoperable
  3. Stripped
  4. Unclaimed
  5. Scrapped
  6. Junked
  7. Discarded
  8. Under repair taking 72 hours or more