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Shopping locally means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources, employ workers at decent wages and serve local customers as well as the greater region.  It means growing jobs in our own community because as these small businesses grow and expand their businesses here, they will potentially bring in new dollars to Maricopa by serving both local and regional customers, making our city’s economy bigger. 

  1. Shopping local creates jobs. Small, local businesses are the largest employers nationally. When we support local shops and services, we are supporting the process of creating local jobs.
  2. Local business support community groups. Local businesses are more likely to support local events, schools, charities and sports groups. When you shop at a local business you are in essence supporting your community.
  3. Shopping local supports the character of Maricopa. The City of Maricopa’s friendly and authentic small city atmosphere is created by the people and the businesses. Our distinctive businesses and services contribute to our quality of life and to the character of Maricopa. Shopping local keeps these businesses here and healthy.
  4. Shopping local increases our tax base. When you support and invest your day-to-day dollar in Maricopa’s business you are contributing to our tax base which improves the services we all benefit from.
  5. Local businesses invest in Maricopa. When we support local business we support the future of our community. Businesses owned by Maricopans are less likely to leave the community and are more invested in our success.
  6. Local business offers choices. Over the long term, successful local businesses are able to supply products based on local needs, interests and demands rather than based on national sales strategies.

Purchasing local goods and services is a habit that we could all benefit from!  Please use the Business Registry Directory frequently.

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