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The City of Maricopa Fire/Medical is committed to protecting and preserving the lives and property of our community through fire suppression, fire prevention/education, and premier emergency medical services.

The City of Maricopa adheres to the most current International Code Council, 2018 International Fire Code (IFC). The 2018 IFC addresses fire prevention, fire protection, life safety, and safe storage in these venues, limiting the potential hazards present.

The City of Maricopa Fire/Medical is an Insurance Service Office (ISO) Public Protection Class 2 department. 

New Fire/Medical Administration Building!

The City of Maricopa Fire/Medical Department is proud to be operating out of our new Administration building.  This facility is home to the Fire Chief, Divisional Chief Officers, Fire Marshall, and Management Staff.  Our training room, affectionately name Inskeep Hall, is state of the art and provides your firefighters with opportunities for high level education, instruction, and professional development.




Monsoon Weather Warning!

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An Arizona haboob can move quickly across the valley floor, and can reduce driving visibility to near zero.  If you are driving through a dust storm which obscures your vision, we strongly advise you to follow these safe driving tips

  • Pull your vehicle off of the road, as far to the right as possible.
  • Put the vehicle in “park”, turn OFF your headlights, and take your foot off of the brake.
  • Make sure that everyone remains seated in the vehicle with their seat-belts fastened.
  • Wait for safe driving conditions to return.

By following these steps, you will reduce the chances that other drivers mistake your vehicle as the one to follow.

                The heavy rains produced by the thunderstorms can create roadway hazards as well.  Sudden decreases in visibility and hydroplaning are two of the major threats to driving safety that are produced by the downpours.  By taking a few precautions, the risks of driving during stormy conditions can be minimized. 

  • Inspect you windshield wipers and tires, replace them if necessary.
  • Turn your headlights ON when driving.
  • Reduce your speed.
  • Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Ease your foot off of the gas if you are hydroplaning.
  • Avoid sudden breaking.

In addition to creating poor driving conditions, the rains can cause flooding in low-lying areas.  DO NOT cross flooded washes, even if the water doesn’t look deep or fast.  It only takes a few inches of running water to pose a serious threat.

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