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Hazardous Materials Response (HAZMAT)

tanker crashThe City of Maricopa Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team (HazMat) is designed to provide a specialized emergency response of both personnel and equipment to protect the public, the environment, and property. This includes incidents involving a release, or potential release of hazardous materials that present a physical, biological, radiological or health hazard to the community.


  • The departments HazMat Team's response area includes the City of Maricopa, Pinal County as well as all of the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Region.
  • The HazMat Team is comprised of 16 members with members on all three shifts.
  • Team members are stationed at Fire Station 571 and primarily respond as firefighters on the Truck Company.
  • Specialized equipment and responsibilities require specialized training.
  • Each member of the HazMat Team receives an initial 200 hours of classroom and manipulative training. This qualifies them as a Hazardous Materials Technician through the Arizona Department of Emergency Management and the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFASC).
  • Maricopa’s HazMat Techs continuous train in chemistry, air sampling, collecting and analyzing of unknown materials, radioactive materials, and technical knowledge of the hardware necessary to mitigate an emergency As well as additional specialized training for incidents such as, clandestine drug labs, NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) terrorism incidents, and confined space rescues.

Wildland Urban Interface Division (WUI)

wildfireThe Maricopa fire department is ready and capable of assisting in initial response to natural disasters within the city limits and across the United States. Primarily handling wildfires, crews can also be called to assist state and federal agencies in disasters like hurricanes, tornado, earthquakes and even acts of terrorism.

  • The every member of the department is National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Red Card certified.
  • The membership is divided into with an Engine Boss (NWCG certified) as the leader of each team.
  • Each Engine Boss has extensive training in firefighter safety and Wildland tactics.
  • Our Public Information Officer also serves on a Type 1 National Incident Management Team.
  • The Wildland Team is also a member of the CEntral Arizona Wildland Response Team (CAWRT) that participates in annual refresher training and responds frequently as a Task Force to Wildland fires in Arizona and across the country.
  • The City of Maricopa is reimbursed by Arizona State Land and the Federal Government for labor and apparatus costs while assigned to a Wildland incident. The City also receives cost recovery for covering the positions that are vacant while those personnel are deployed at an incident.
  • Each season the team is composed of:
    • Type 1 Public Information Officer
    • 3 Engine Boss(s)
    • 9 Firefighter Type II
    • Type III Brush Truck
    • Tactical Water Tender