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Fire Suppression Training

Fire Recruit Push ups

Maricopa Firefighters face growing complexities and challenges in the modern day of new construction techniques and combustible products found in buildings today. They are provided training on various aspects of the fire service. The training includes the fundamental and advanced methods of deploying hoses, raising ladders, vehicle extrication, firefighter survival, and command procedures. As part of the Phoenix Regional automatic aid system, training with regional partners is conducted on a regular basis.


  Red Shirt aT Academy



 All new recruits go through a "Red Shirt" program and attend a 12-16 week, full-time, training at a regional fire academy. Upon completion of the academy they begin a one year probation served in all of the City of Maricopa Fire/Medical houses.

Emergency Medical Service Training

Our paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are regularly reviewing medical care information and techniques, as well as keeping up on innovations in technology and science. Our EMTs receive continuing education on splinting, bandaging, conducting physical examinations, taking medical histories, administering oxygen, spinal stabilization, and cardio-pulmonary and cardio-cerebral resuscitation. Our paramedics attend a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education every two years to comply with state re-certification guidelines. The topics they cover include all of the EMT knowledge and skills plus pharmacology, cardiology, surgical cricothyrotomy, rapid sequence induction, intravenous fluid and drug therapy, endotracheal intubation, psychiatric emergencies, OB and gynecological emergencies, and advanced cardiac arrest management. The EMS division utilizes computer-based and scenario driven tools to facilitate the education process of our emergency medical providers.

Special Operations

The Ladder Company participates in Regional Ladder Ops training once a quarter with departments across the valley.

CFD TowerEvery spring every member of the operations division takes the mandatory Wildland Refresher training and crews participate in the regional Pinal County Wildland Response Drill.

Training Center

Fire suppression and quarterly EMS training are done at the City of Chandler Public Safety Training Center (PSTC). Our Command Officers attend quarterly training at the East Valley Command Officers training as well as the Phoenix Fire Command Training Center( CTC) and Mesa Community Colleges Virtual Incident Command Center (VICC). 


Check out this video on the new Class A burn town at the City of Chandler Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) that was completed in 2017:


 Here is an introduction to the VICC: