Councilmember Vincent Manfredi

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Vincent Manfredi, CouncilmemberVincent Manfredi and his family moved from Phoenix and made Maricopa their home in 2010. Upon arriving in Maricopa, he saw a community that had such promise and decided to get involved. He has volunteered with Babe Ruth League as the softball coordinator and still coaches with Maricopa Little League today.

He has volunteered his time for many causes in the community helping many non-profits and collecting food donations for our food bank. He has served on the Maricopa Board of Adjustment and the Zoning Re-Write Task Force which gave us a new zoning code in 2014. Vincent and his family can always be found pitching in to help our city.

Councilmember Manfredi is an advocate for public education and has worked hard to bring proper funding to Maricopa. He understands the need to continually grow and learn new skills keeping pace with an ever-changing workplace. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree with a dual major in Business Administration and Social Sciences with an Emphasis on Education.

Councilmember Manfredi is on the following:

  • Member, Maricopa Chamber of Commerce
  • Primary City Council Liaison Maricopa Youth Council
  • City of Maricopa Personal Benefits Subcommittee Member
  • Regional Council Member (CAG) Central Arizona Governments
  • Member Pinal County RTA Board
  • Member CAG Executive Director Evaluation Subcommittee