Mayor Christian Price

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Mayor Christian Price has been a resident of Maricopa since early 2005. After moving from Chandler with his wife, they purchased their first home and started a family. Mayor Price immediately got involved with his community by running for his HOA Board of Directors and was president for six years. He is very active in the community and volunteers his time whenever possible to non-profits, churches, the food bank and other service organizations. He was also selected for Maricopa's first Board of Adjustments commission and served as the Vice Chair, before resigning to run for Mayor.

Mayor Price is an enormous advocate of networking – meeting new people and establishing relationships with citizens, stakeholders, regional partners, members of neighboring cities, and other government officials. He strongly believes that good working relationships with these groups and individuals will help Maricopa become a strong well-rounded regional player and directly influence the quality of life of the citizens through an enhanced economic development climate.

For more than 13 years, Mayor Price has been an entrepreneur and small business owner. He is a partner of the Sierra West Group, a financial advisory firm. A graduate of Northern Arizona University, he holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English literature.

Mayor Price has also had the privilege of working as a legislative analyst for the Arizona State House of Representatives and has first-hand knowledge of legislative processes and procedures. His family hails from northwest Tucson and he is an Eagle Scout who is fluent in Spanish. As a member of the Maricopa City Council, Mayor Price has a strong desire to work closely with fellow Council members and City staff to find the most economic and efficient solutions to help Maricopa grow and prosper.

Council Term: 2012-2016; 2016-2020

Mayor Price is on the following:

  • President, AZ League of Cities & Towns
  • Vice Chair, I-11 Coalition
  • Board of Directors Member, GPEC (Greater Phoenix Economic Council)
  • Chairman, GPEC Ambassador Program
  • Chairman, Pinal County Government Alliance
  • Regional Council Member, MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments)
  • Economic Development Committee Member, MAG
  • Board of Directors Member, M.E.D.A. (Maricopa Economic Development Association)
  • Fellow of the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy
  • Member, Maricopa Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Lower Santa Cruz River Alliance