Planning Maricopa (General Plan)

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Planning Maricopa header imagesThe City of Maricopa’s General Plan

This site, and all its content, serves as the plan. Navigating the content is made easy by the navigation of major sections at the top of the page. To familiarize yourself with the intent of a General Plan, start in the Introduction section. The core of the document is organized in a comprehensive set of General Plan Elements that provide context, goals, and objectives that look to the near future. Implementation of the plan, responsible parties, and progress monitoring is also provided. Unlike typical static General Plans printed on paper, this site has the advantage of tracking the City's achievements over the course of the plan's lifecycle (at minimum to be updated every 10 years according to state law). Lastly, there are digitized maps that provide the ability to search, zoom, and click for handy information.


For feedback on the General Plan contact Planning and Zoning Manager Rodolfo Lopez at 520-316-6986 or by email.