II. General Plan Elements

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Plan Elements are the subject matter components that provide a logical, comprehensive structure for planning local jurisdictions. In Arizona, growing municipalities of over 50,000 in population are required to address elements pertinent to sustainable growth and development of Cities and Towns (refer to Table 4 - Corresponding State Mandated Elements). Though the City’s population does not exceed this threshold at the time of the General Plan adoption, it is beneficial to broaden the scope of this Plan accordingly. This General Plan logically organizes these elements as follows:

  1. Growth Area
  2. Land Use
  3. Environmental Planning
  4. Safety
  5. Circulation & Connectivity
  6. Economic Development*
  7. Parks, Open Space & Recreation
  8. Public Buildings, Services & Facilities

* The City of Maricopa chose to address Economic Development as an additional element beyond the State’s requirements. All Elements are considered to be interrelated parts of the whole Maricopa planning framework.

Each General Plan element, discussion, goals, and policies represent the current information available to the City and integrate industry best practices in responding to the citizens vision and desires for the future of Maricopa.