III. General Plan Implementation

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The City of Maricopa General Plan is intended, in all respects, to guide the City’s fast-paced growth. Citizens’ vision for their community is detailed in the 2040 Vision Strategic Plan as Elements, Goals, and Strategies. This General Plan translates the 2040 Vision Goals and Strategies into Goals, Objectives, and Policies for each of the Plan Elements. These statements of principle now need to be carried out in practice.

The Implementation section identifies the actions necessary to ensure that the policies and objectives of the Maricopa General Plan are carried out effectively. The intent of this section is to explain the tools to implement the General Plan and to organize the listing of near-term implementation activities derived from the Goals, Objectives, and Policies within each Element and prioritize them for timely completion.

Arizona State law provides for cities to take the following actions to implement the General Plan:

  • Recommend measures to the City Council that will put into effect the provisions of the General Plan;
  • Promote public interest and understanding of the General Plan and its regulations;
  • Communicate with other public officials, agencies and organizations with regard to General Plan implementation;
  • Develop specific plans as may be necessary to implement the General Plan;
  • Contract for, receive, and utilize grants or other financial assistance made available by government agencies;
  • Render an annual report to City Council on the status of the General Plan and progress of its application; and
  • Maintain a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in step with this Plan.

To ensure ongoing implementation of the Maricopa General Plan as an important, practical, up-to-date, and consistent statement of City policy, the following implementation tools are utilized:

  • The City Council Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated annually to include action-oriented policies to guide daily decision-making and incrementally achieve the goals of the General Plan.
  • Plan Monitoring for measuring performance and annual maintenance updates.
  • Land Use & Development Decision Criteria to assist in evaluating proposed development projects and assure their consistency with General Plan principles.
  • Implementation Work Program to organize the near-term implementation activities derived from the Goals, Objectives, and Policies within each element.