City Council Strategic Plan Policies & Coordination

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The City Council Strategic Plan is considered a companion document to the General Plan. Strategic Plan Policies relating to each of the General Plan Elements provide continuity between agreed upon General Plan Goals, Objectives, and Policies and the day-to-day activities and decision-making effecting the growth and development of the City. As a separate policy document, the Strategic Plan can be efficiently amended by the City Council to respond to shifting priorities and needs of the City. The Strategic Plan also provides the foundation for the City’s budget, fiscal priorities, and Capital Improvement Program on an annual basis.

  • Aligning the General Plan and the City Budget – The General Plan includes an ambitious list of Goals, Policies, and Objectives to accomplish over a 15 year period. Given the limited resources of the City, it is not possible to simultaneously fund implementation of every goal and policy. Effective implementation will require prioritization of programs and projects prior to determining funding.
  • Capital Improvement Plan – The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) manages the timing and location of needed public improvements, such as flood control, streetscape and traffic improvements, police and fire stations, community facilities, and possibly sewer and water services, among others. The CIP sets priorities and capital improvement projects annually.