How to Use This Plan

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The Maricopa General Plan is a general, long-range, comprehensive expression of the future vision of the City. The Plan implements the citizen-driven 2040 Vision Strategic Plan by providing specific focus on the vision goals and strategies and further detailing 15 year goals, objectives and direction to guide public and private decisions related to growth and development of the City of Maricopa and in the Maricopa Planning Area. The General Plan provides guidance to citizens regarding the physical development of the community, while giving property owners and developers a clear indication of policy directions affecting physical development. The Plan is a guide to City management, City departments, the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council with specific regard to the City’s future development proposals, Capital Improvement Program, the Council’s Strategic Plan, and the annual City budget.

The City of Maricopa General Plan is divided into three sections, these are:

  • Section I: Introduction
  • Section II: General Plan Elements
  • Section III: General Plan Implementation highlights policy coordination with the City’s 2040 Vision Strategic Plan, specific General Plan monitoring actions, and provides guidelines for land use decision-making.

The General Plan is intended to provide a framework for all of the interrelated functions of the City of Maricopa. To define the General Plan we can say:

The General Plan is:

  • an expression of the preferences of residents and property owners
  • a statement of City policy designed to achieve the citizen’s vision
  • a framework for future decision making
  • a means of enhancing the quality of life of the citizens
  • a legal requirement under Arizona State Law

The General Plan is not:

  • a tool to promote special interests
  • a rigid, unchanging or inflexible document
  • a detailed policy or ordinance for specific properties or areas
  • a Capital Improvement Plan
  • a zoning map

The Maricopa General Plan is intended as a guide. It summarizes the purpose of the Plan, goals and objectives to achieve the vision for future Maricopa and the required General Plan Elements for a community over 50,000 in population. All Elements are interrelated and intended to be considered collectively in public and private decision-making. Users are strongly urged not to rely on select, excerpted statements; but, rather, are encouraged to consider all the subject matter of the Maricopa General Plan as a whole.

Maricopa welcomes users of the Maricopa General Plan, and our City staff stands ready to assist in any way possible. Inquiries regarding the General Plan should be made to the City of Maricopa, 39700 W. Civic Center Plaza, Maricopa, Arizona 85138, phone (520) 568-9098.