Maricopa's Vision

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Citizens of Maricopa have awareness that their community is growing very quickly, public services and facilities are working to keep up, commercial retail and employment related development is lagging behind the development of new neighborhoods. Understanding growth is a regional reality; the public wants to be sure that the future Maricopa is better, not just bigger. Retaining small City attributes of friendliness, respect for community heritage, family-oriented, safe neighborhoods and traditional civic events are important to most residents. Planning vision comes from thoughtful, enthusiastic public participation. The following statement is from the City’s 2040 Vision Strategic Plan using the concepts and words of citizens to define the broad mission that will benefit all.

Our Vision for the Year 2040

The City of Maricopa is a family friendly, vibrant community that offers diverse opportunities in culture, technology, education, business, entrepreneurship, transportation, entertainment, and recreation for all ages. A close knit community of committed leaders, engaged citizens, and diverse partners with pride in our history, and a shared vision for a prosperous future.

-2040 Vision Strategic Plan