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The Maricopa General Plan, the City’s first update to the inaugural General Plan, represents a statement of what the public expects their City to become. It is driven by citizen input captured in the 2040 Vision Strategic Planning process, conforming to the letter and spirit of “Growing Smarter Plus” legislation established by the State of Arizona to guide municipal planning and growth management. The General Plan elements and compliance with statutory requirements are further explained in Subsection G.

Planning Area expands the geographic base of Maricopa’s influence well beyond the present City limits. Coordination with Pinal County, State and Federal governments and private landowners is a fundamental premise of the compatible, thoughtful development desired to provide for orderly growth and adequate provision of essential infrastructure and services. The Maricopa Planning Area includes approximately 233 square miles of western Pinal County ranging from the Gila River Indian Community on the north, the City of Casa Grande Planning Area on the east, Interstate 8 to the south and the Pinal/Maricopa county line on the west. Through wise use of municipal resources, the City hopes to exert a positive influence on growth and development issues under Pinal County’s jurisdiction. A strong, cooperative relationship between the City and the County is crucial in implementing necessary growth management practices while facilitating healthy economic growth in western Pinal County.