Statutory Requirements

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The Maricopa General Plan has been prepared according to Arizona Growing Smarter and Growing Smarter Plus statutory requirements. Arizona Revised Statutes require cities with a population over 10,000 to submit their General Plans to City voters for ratification. The Maricopa General Plan contains the requisite elements needed to satisfy the Growing Smarter/Plus requirements for a population over 50,000. Though the City’s population does not exceed this threshold at the time of Council’s adoption, it is beneficial to broaden the scope of this Plan accordingly. State law requires several mandatory sections or “elements” to be included in General Plans for populations exceeding 50,000. In preparing the Plan, the City recognizes that some elements have overlapping issues and may be better served in a combined format. The table below illustrates the State mandated element and its counterpart in the General Plan, Planning Maricopa.

Table 4—Corresponding State Mandated Elements

Maricopa General Plan Element Corresponding
State-Mandated Element
Growth Area Growth Area
Land Use Land Use
Conservation, Rehabilitation & Redevelopment
Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization
Environmental Planning & Resource Conservation Environmental Planning
Water Resources
Safety Safety
Circulation & Connectivity Circulation
Transit (Optional)
Transportation (Optional)
Parks, Recreation and Open Space Open Space Recreation
Public Buildings, Facilities and Services Public Services and Facilities
Public Buildings
Cost of Development

The City of Maricopa has also prepared an Economic Development Element and a Libraries discussion, above and beyond minimum Growing Smarter/Plus requirements. All required Plan Elements respond to Planning Statute specifications.