Hiring Process

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Through a competitive hiring process, the Maricopa Police Department consistently seeks to attract the most capable candidates. The officer testing process allows for the department to examine which individuals have the physical, mental, and character traits that are prerequisites to serve on our force.

Each stage of the process must be passed before moving on to the next.

The hiring process for the Maricopa Police Department is as follows (For Recruit and Lateral):

  1. Monitor City of Maricopa website for current openings and career opportunities
    • Prescreen of Minimum Qualifications
  2. Submit Application and AZPOST Background Questionnaire
  3. Meet Minimum Qualifications on a Physical Agility Test
    • Push ups - 25
    • Sit ups - 29 (in a minute)
    • 1.5 mile run - 15 minutes or less
  4. Meet Minimum Qualifications on a Written Test
    • Score of 70% or higher
  5. Background Interview with Command Staff
  6. Oral Board Interview
  7. Background Investigation
  8. Polygraph Examination
  9. Conditional Job Offer
  10. Psychological Examination
  11. Medical Examination
  12. Final Job Offer