Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent asked questions related to public safety in Maricopa

  • Will the police department recommend an alarm company, brand of pepper spray, or anything else?

  • Who do I call to report graffiti?

  • Where is the Maricopa Police Department located?

  • Where can I get an Order of Protection or an Injunction Against Harassment?

  • What are the lobby hours of the police department?

  • There is a house on my block that is always having parties and being loud. Is there anything I can do?

  • My neighbor's dog is always barking. What can I do? Can I remain anonymous?

  • If I suspect drug activity, a drug house, or meth lab in my neighborhood, who do I call?

  • I need to be fingerprinted for a job. Does the Maricopa Police Department do public fingerprinting?

  • I collect police patches; can I get a patch?

  • I am trying to find a phone number for a specific area within the police department. Why aren't the phone numbers on the home page?

  • I'd like to start a Neighborhood Watch. Who do I contact for information?

  • How do I know if I should dial 911 or the regular police non-emergency number?

  • How do I get crime statistics (calls for service)?

  • Does the officer have to contact me in person?

  • How do I get a copy of a police report?

  • Do I have to leave my name when I call the police department?

  • How do I find out about sex offenders in my neighborhood?

  • How do I file a police report?

  • What if I accidently dial 911?

  • How do I dispose of Prescription Drugs?

  • Why can't you take all calls for service on 911 lines?

  • How do I compliment or make a complaint against and officer or thank them for something they've done?

  • What if I don't know if my situation is an emergency or not?

  • How can I tell if a vehicle I want to purchase is stolen?

  • What kind of things can be reported on 911?