Family Advocacy Center

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Picture of the FAC Waiting area from the main entrance.The Maricopa Family Advocacy Center empowers victims of violence and neglect through the collaboration of connected professionals.

Staff consisting of representatives from Pinal County Law Enforcement agencies, along with Department of Child Services, medical and mental health professionals all work together to address the physical, emotional, and legal dimensions of abuse.

The Family Advocacy Center aims to accomplish this by:

  • Providing a coordinated, specialized approach from expert professionals to reduce stress during the investigation and response to crimes of interpersonal violence.
  • Providing services in a comfortable, convenient location sensitive to victims' needs.
  • Minimizing trauma and re-victimization by limiting the number of interviews and medical exams to which victims are subjected.
  • Ensuring forensic interviews and medical exams are conducted by specially trained personnel.
  • Providing advocate services on site to facilitate referrals and other resources to victims and their families.
  • Ensuring victims receive respect and dignity throughout their navigation of the Criminal Justice System.
Panoramic photo of the FAC waiting area from the Volunteer Desk

Types of Abuse

Child Abuse

  • Neglect: a caregiver's failure to adequately provide for the child's physical or emotional needs.
  • Physical Abuse: a physical act which may cause physical injury.
  • Emotional Abuse: a systematic destruction of a child's emotional well-being.
  • Sexual Abuse: involvement of a child in sexual activity to provide gratification or financial benefit for the perpetrator.

Domestic Abuse

Acts of abuse that are physical, sexual, emotional, or economic or psychological actions of one family or household member against another.

Senior Abuse

Knowing, intentional or neglectful act by a caregiver or any other person causing harm or a serious risk of harm to an elder, including acts of physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse.