What can I dump?

Trash and waste
Household trash
Yard, tree and landscape trimmings
Wood, lumber and construction debris
Carpet and padding

We do not accept:

Medical waste (biohazard)
Liquid waste (oil, cooking oil, household chemicals, etc.)
Household hazardous waste
Septic tank waste
Industrial waste
Auto bodies and engines
Stain or non-water based paint


Blue Bin Material: Paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel food and beverage cans, plastic bottles and containers #1-6
Cardboard: Required to be emptied if containing waste, for recycling
Electronics: Computers, TVs, printers and other household electronics
Car Batteries: No Charge
Scrap metal items: Large appliances, bicycles an household related items such a shelving, patio furniture, etc.


Trash & Debris: $5 per bag or $15 per yard
Recyclable Material: No Charge
Standard On-Road Tires: No Charge (limit of 4 tires)
Large Off-Road Tires: Price varies per tire
Electronic Waste: No Charge
Please see acceptable materials above
Water-Based Paint: $5 per gallon can or $15 per 5-gallon can
Must be in leak-free containers