Media Inquiry

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As a rule of business, the Public Information Officer (PIO) is the Official Spokesperson for the City of Maricopa. With the exception of straightforward information questions (e.g., "what are City Hall hours of operation?"), inquiries about the city from all media representatives (including student reporters) are to be referred to the office of the PIO.

The City PIO is charged with responsibility for providing the information, opinions or policy interpretation or for referring the reporter to the city employee with the appropriate expertise, as well as the administrative responsibility and authority, to officially respond. Please email or call (520) 316-6911.

Frequently Requested Numbers

Office/Department Phone Number
General Number 520-568-9098
Mayor & City Council 520-316-6820
City Manager's Office 520-316-6852
City Clerk 520-316-6970
Community Services 520-316-6960
Development Services 520-316-6920
Fire Department 520-568-3333
Human Resources 520-316-6805
Library 520-568-2926
Police Department 520-316-6800
Public Information 520-316-6911
Transit Services 520-316-6948